Where your treasure is, there your heart is also…

Where your treasure is, there your heart is also…

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Aug 24, 2021

How did you react to the announcement that we’re going to be in lockdown until Saturday, 28 August, at least!

For me, I have found the second week a lot harder than the first this time round. It almost feels a little bit heavier, slower, more formidable.

A cheerful way to start I know, but honest.

It feels a bit like where we were last year; not knowing what will happen from week to week, not knowing what will happen with jobs or income and all the while parents are trying to be teachers, parents and workers and often all at the same time!

This week I was reminded of the scripture where Jesus challenges those listening to not focus on amassing treasures on earth because the moths or thieves can take these from us at any time. Instead, Jesus proposes that we should focus on things that really count, the things that moths and thieves can’t take from us, the things that last into eternity.

Jesus doesn’t leave it there though. As usual, he goes to the core of the issue and concludes by stating, “Where your treasure lies is where your heart will also be” [Matthew 16]. Jesus’ argument is that to truly care about what matters most requires us to change the heart attitude toward what we treasure most.

For me it was a timely reminder to check if the treasures that are stressing me out, or weighing me down, are the ones that should be demanding my time.  All the blurred boundaries now at home seem to equal extra pressure, not less. Pressures of work, teaching, family, relationships, money are competing for my attention and I need to take the time to put them into perspective and treasure what is most valued, allowing this to determine what gets my attention, not the one that calls out the loudest!

As a staff, we constantly encourage each other to make sure that we take time to dwell on the things that matter most: our faith, our relationships, our thankfulness. Ironically, when we focus on these things, putting them in the right order, the weight or burden seems to lift a little. Finding treasure has the tendency to do this!

I imagine this is part of what Jesus means when he calls us to take on his burden and his yoke as it is easy and light (Matthew 11).

Be encouraged in the coming weeks to know that we support you and are praying for you, always. We pray that God will give you the wisdom to be able to make the decisions that help you focus on the treasures worth the most. You know the ones: the little tug on the sleeve that asks for attention, the partner that just needs your complete focus at that inconvenient moment, the puppy’s eyes silently begging for a walk, or perhaps the inner, peaceful voice that says hush and be still for a second. Because, it’s in these moments that we decide what our treasure truly will be.

As always, let us know if/how we can help and rest assured that one of our treasures is to continue to provide the best education, support and care we can for your children and you so that you can focus on the treasures that matter most.

Good tidings…


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