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RICHMOND Christian College

Welcomes You.

We are a Pre-Kindy to Year 12 Co-Educational Christian School in Ballina, NSW.

Why Richmond?

Our Environment

At Richmond, we are blessed to have a beautiful environment in which to learn. We are well-resourced and being a Google School, means we use technology widely. We would love to meet with you and allow you to see for yourself the beauty to be found when learning at Richmond Christian College.

Location: 7 Gallans Road, Ballina, NSW

Telephone: 02 6686 7847


School Hours: M-F: 8.30am – 3.30pm


Our Pre-Kindy Programme is a 3-day, play-based learning class for students 4 years old and above. In this programme, students discover learning through exploration and delight. This is a fabulous way to transition your child to school and formalised learning.



What’s the Vision of Richmond?

At Richmond Christian College we aim to be a Christ-Centred Learning Community, Exploring & Impacting on God’s World.

Our mission is to assist parents in the nurture of their children, by providing a Christ-centred, biblically grounded, culturally engaging and academically rigorous education that instils hope and equips children to live for God’s glory.

A Word

From Our Principal

There is no denying that the lives we lead today are exciting stories that form part of a bigger story that we all contribute to in some way or another. I believe that our stories, our experiences, mould us to become the unique valuable people that we are. Our stories, no doubt, are also influenced by the multitude of stories that go on around us every day. These stories shape the way we view our world, and also how our world views us. 

– Jonathon Simmons

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I have come that

they may have


and have it to the FULL”

– John 10:10


God gives us life, the Bible actually says he gives us abundant life – full life, but it does also say that often people and things try to take that life from us, but God challenges us to live life like it was a race and to run the race to win it.

Mr. Simmons says, “My challenge for the Richmond Christian College student this year is to begin the journey, the unexpected journey. To be fearless in the face of failure, to do hard things time and time again, to take on challenges that scare them or they think are way too hard.”

Let this year be the beginning of your never-ending unexpected journey.


Key Dates for Term 1, 2021



Term 1 Resumes for all students Pre-Kindy – Year 12


Event Info

All students return to school Wednesday 27 January 2021.



School Swimming Carnival


Event Info

Our whole school swimming carnival will be held at Ballina Memorial Pool on Tuesday 2 February.  Notes will be sent home with further details early in Term 1.



Pre-Kindy – Year 6 Meet the Teacher Information Night


Event Info

Information sessions will be held for Pre-Kindy to Year 6 classes between 4.45pm and 6pm.



2022 Year 7 Information Night


Event Info

Will your child start high school in 2022 or beyond? Parents and students are invited to our Year 7 2022 Information Night to hear about our Secondary program and participate in hands on, interactive activities related to offered subjects. Please RSVP to or 66867847. 



School Cross Country Carnival

Event Info

The school Cross Country Carnival will be held on Thursday 1 April 2021.



Mufti Day – Last day of Term 1


Event Info

Students are invited to wear sun safe mufti for the last day of Term 1.

Our School

Facilities and Associations

At RCC, we are a community. We believe staff, students, parents and the wider community form a valuable part of our community. We believe in open communication and love for parents to play an active part in our school life. Throughout the year, we have SRC run events, such as our annual Family Pancake Breakfast and our End-of-Year Family BBQ, where parents and students are encouraged to come and experience the community for themselves. 

Ballina Christian Education Association

Richmond Christian College is owned and operated by Ballina Christian Education Association which is made up of Christian parents and community members. All families are welcome to apply for membership.


Our canteen lunch orders are available Monday to Friday and are filled by Racecourse Café. A small canteen, run by our SRC is available for snacks throughout the week.

Academic Standards

At RCC, our curriculum follows the NSW Curriculum. We offer an Early Years curriculum in Pre-Kindy. Our Secondary school offers a range of electives in Years 9 and 10 and our Senior students undertake the Pathways Senior Schooling Programme. In this programme, students undertake a compressed arrangement of studies, sitting half their HSC over two years. Mathematics and English however run in the regular HSC two year programme.

Extracurricular Activities

At RCC, a range of extracurricular activities are offerred. We have a music programme running, where students can sit private tuition with our specialist tutors. We also have a range of performance and sporting opportunities, including our Performing Arts nights and representative sporting carnivals held throughout the year.

Technology In the Classroom

As a Google School, technology is something we pride ourselves in. Students in our Secondary school all have a Chromebook, where the majority of their work is undertaken on this laptop. Our classrooms are equipped with Smart Interactive Boards, where teachers utilise technology as a component of lessons. IPads are also available as a resource for teachers to use across the school.



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2020 Graduating Class

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School Days for 2020


Years Established

Get In Touch

Location: 7 Gallans Road, Ballina NSW

Telephone: 6686 7847


School Hours: M-F: 8.30am – 3.30pm

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