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Kindergarten – 4

RCC Junior School provides the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for students and their parents to navigate their school journey.

Academic Curriculum

At RCC we believe that all Truth is God’s Truth. When Truth is sought, it will be found. Therefore, all students must be given the opportunity to be taught, to seek, and to find Truth. A student-centred, flexible and responsive pedagogical model provides for the needs and growth of the students. Therefore, learning and assessment is purposefully designed for feedback and growth.

RCC Junior School explicitly focus on literacy in the morning sessions and numeracy in the middle sessions. To increase authentic learning opportunities, RCC Junior School integrates key learning areas. All Junior School students receive specialist Music, Languages, PE, and Sport instruction.

Christ-centred instruction is provided for all students through an incorporation of the overarching story of God’s love and grace for His creation into every unit of learning. In support of this, students engage in morning devotions and prayer, are explicitly taught the Bible as a text and its application to living once per week and participate in fortnightly Chapels.

Homework is used to supplement learning and expectations are clearly communicated with parents. In the Junior School homework is minimal and focuses specifically on the development and consolidation of literacy and numeracy learning that has occurred during the school day.


Access to Learning & Learning Environment

At RCC we believe that all students are created in God’s image, possess unique experiences, abilities and motivations that influence how they learn and are capable of learning well. Therefore, every child deserves the grace and opportunity to be understood, catered for, celebrated and faithfully taught to learn well.

Every classroom in the Junior School is equipped with flexible furniture design to assist students in accessing a variety of approaches to learning. Furthermore, every classroom has access to a variety of technology that is used to enhance student’s learning, creating and responding to challenges.

An extensive Learning Support team provides every student with opportunities to maximise their learning potential. Students of all abilities are assisted to access the curriculum and grow in their knowledge, wisdom and skills. Extension opportunities are provided in the classroom that encourage a student’s ability to apply their knowledge with wisdom.

Individualised, additional support is provided to students with additional needs through Individualised Education Programs. Additional teaching time is afforded to students within and outside the classroom. Curriculum content, the learning environment, instructional and learning processes and outcomes are all adjusted as necessary.


Pastoral Care

At RCC we believe that all students learn well when they are safe, connected, and belong so they can have the courage to make the mistakes that lead to true learning. Therefore, every student deserves the opportunity to listen, to be heard, to be challenged, to fail and to succeed.

RCC Junior School intentionally creates a culture of safety in classrooms and the school grounds. The pastoral care program starts with educational programs on how students care for each other. Teachers and students continually monitor and communicate with the school’s pastoral care team, including the Head of Junior School, the School Psychologist, the Learning Support Teacher, the Deputy Principal and the Principal to ensure all students are safe and belong. RCC teachers, students and parents find a sense of belonging in this safety that perpetuates courageous engagement in ‘mistake making’ teaching, learning and community.

RCC has a clear stance on inappropriate behaviour, including bullying. When we know, we act in partnership with students and parents, victims and perpetrators to eradicate the behaviour.

RCC’s chaplaincy program enhances its pastoral care for each student providing another avenue for student connection and support. The Chaplain assists with lunchtime connection activities, social mentoring and student support.


Contribution via Extra Curriculum

At RCC we believe that excellent education is the innovative kindling of a flame, lighting of a fire and teaching of one how to fish so that all students are students for a lifetime. Therefore, every student deserves the opportunity to contribute to their world though their talents and passions.

In addition to the delivery of the NSW curriculum, RCC offers opportunities for Junior School students to participate in a variety of activities that seek to foster their passions and confidence. These includes excursions, a camp for Years 3 & 4, choir, sporting representation, leadership.


Age 4 turning 5

Pre Kindy utilises a Christ-centred, play based curriculum to provide the perfect platform for students and parents to thrive in Kindergarten. 

Middle School kids in class
Middle School

Years 5 – 8

RCC Middle school builds on the foundations for learning provided by the Junior School and provides the framework for graduation success.

Senior School

Years 9 – 12

RCC Senior School culminates the RCC student’s educational journey through individualised, flexible pathways that launch RCC graduates into their future.

School hours

Monday to Friday                  8:50am — 2:55pm


Wednesday to Friday         8.50am to 2.55pm

Office hours

Monday to Friday                  8:30am — 3:30pm

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To assist parents in the nurture of their children,

By providing a Christ-centred, biblically grounded, academically rigorous and culturally relevant education that instils a sense of identity, purpose and hope in students that equips them to live for God’s glory.



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