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The leadership program at Richmond invites students from Year 3 – 12 to partner with God to develop a greater understanding of themselves as servant leaders and grow their own leadership skills. They will learn the importance of valuing each person in their community and learn different approaches to create connection with others as a leader. Students are supported to take risks in finding creative and innovative ways to lead and impact others in the College and at a local, national and global level.


Sport at RCC focuses on providing opportunities for students to engage in their passions, develop essential character qualities such as resilience and teamwork, participate in experiences beyond their comfort zones, contribute to the RCC community by enhancing school spirit and connect with community beyond RCC.

RCC offers a variety of sporting opportunities. All students participate in curriculum-based PE, PDHPE which often includes specialist coaching sessions. RCC also connects with the broader Christian schools network to competes in Gala days that offer pathways to regional, state and national representation. Where appropriate RCC also connects with other public and private school competitions to facilitate sporting experiences. 

Opportunity also exists for students to attend any qualifying sporting event they are interested in. Whereby students excel in a sporting field, specialist support and pathways are made available to support their success.

Cultural Engagement

 RCC is passionate about promoting the understanding that extension is not more, it is the application of knowledge to practice wisdom and thus have a positive impact on the community. As such, RCC provides many opportunities for students to apply their learning through engagement with the broader community. To date this has found expression in students participating in programs and contests such as Tournament of the Minds, UN Voice of Youth, Lions Youth of Year etc…

Whilst staff at RCC provide opportunities for students to participate in these events, whereby a student finds an opportunity to participate in an area of passion, RCC is committed to supporting their participation in these unique opportunities. 


Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

CAPA at Richmond Christian College provides students with many opportunities to engage with their passions and peers in the Creative Arts. CAPA at RCC enhances student’s abilities to explore, create, imagine, confront and perform; to develop their voice and understand how it connects with those around them.

Opportunities to see our students flourish in the Creative Arts at RCC include the chance to participate via programmed curriculum events, in-school extracurricular events and a uniquely designed Year 7 – 10 elective CAPA program. 

We have a tradition of holding school performances, where students from across both Primary and High School have the opportunity to use their gifts and abilities. We also are involved in local Eisteddfods and students participate regularly in Assembly and Chapel.

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