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The Richmond Difference

Richmond Christian College has offered quality, Christian education to families since 1993. It understands that the physical, social and emotional experience of students is equally as important as their academic experience. From Kindergarten through Year 12, the desire is to see each student receive an education that will provide them with foundations of identity, purpose and hope that cannot be eroded by the tides and trends of their world.

The mission of the College is to assist parents in the nurture of their children, by providing a Christ-centred, biblically based, academically rigorous and culturally relevant education that instils a sense of identity, purpose and hope in students that equips them to live for God’s glory.

RCC staff are passionately devoted to partnering with parents and the broader community to provide a place where our children can safely build an identity, purpose and hope based on God’s Truth. Our approach to education equips students with solid foundations of truth and wisdom born by experience and rigorous investigation upon which they create a foundation that will launch them into their world as unique, powerful contributors to the flourishing of society.


Richmond Christian College commenced in 1993 as Ballina Christian School with fifteen students from Kindergarten to Year 6.  The founding Principal for the first ten years was Stuart Taylor and the school operated in three different premises until moving to our current location in 2001.  At that time, the school community decided to change the name of the school to Richmond Christian College.  The name changed, but what didn’t was the heart of the school.

As our student numbers have steadily increased, building projects have been undertaken to provide purpose built classrooms and specialist facilities in line with our Master Plan.  The school commenced expansion into the secondary school from 2008 and our first Year 12 students graduated in 2017.  In 2018 we celebrated our 25th birthday as a Pre-Kindy to Year 12 school and we look forward to celebrating 30 years in 2023.


The story that I am excited to bring to Richmond Christian College consists of northern NSW heritage, growing up on the banks of the Clarence and in the shadows of Mt Lindsay.

I love family and believe it is vital in creating identity and dreams. I have 3 brilliant boys and a beautiful wife of 21 years. Family is the reason I am where I am and who I am and whilst many say I ‘suffer’ middle child syndrome (which is real!) I will protect family with all I have.

My educational views are heavily biased by my story as a principal’s son and over 20 years’ experience in the many different sectors and places of this wonderful land. I have taught in government schools, and private schools, indigenous communities and big cities. From middle school PE to Extension English, from Christian studies to establishing special need units, I have had the privilege of journeying with the students and families of tomorrow.

I also bring with me a lot of Up Up Cronulla, a bunch of everyone love your mum and lots of fish-on! However, my entire story is drowned in knowing that there is a God who passionately pursues me no matter what. I know who I am because He created me. I know what I want to do because He loves me. I will never give up because He made a way to be with us always.


I am so excited for my story intertwine with the challenging, exciting and nurturing past, present and future stories of Richmond Christian College’s story. As our stories collide it is my desire to see RCC continue to build on these moments and glorify God.

I am excited to watch the RCC story unfold. To see our student’s academic passion feed into the future discoveries that will change our nation, our sporting stories inspire those in our community to be better and our artist’s stories inspire joy and bring hope to the lost.

Canadian philosopher, James K.A Smith believes that what we envision as the good life determines our story, “What makes people distinctive is what they love and desire” (Desiring the Kingdom, 2009, p. 26). I believe, therefore, that for education to play a pivotal role in a child’s flourishing it must provide a series of opportunities that inspire visions of identity, purpose and hope that kindle the flame and light the fire of lifelong learning upon which they can rely to confidently and positively contribute to their world.

I am excited to see the stories that burgeon from RCC’s everyday practices and, liturgies, its connections and overcomings so that every member of our community knows who they are, what they were made for and has an enduring hope that fuels their story and brings glory to God.

I eagerly anticipate the limitless possibilities for Richmond Christian College and its community as our stories collide. I encourage you to join us in our story, on your journey, to become a light of hope and purpose in our community, lifting up Jesus who will draw his people into his story of His redeeming love and the freedom it brings.

School Board

Richmond Christian College was created by Christian parents for parents.

It is owned and operated by Ballina Christian Education Association, an association comprised of Christian parents and community members.

The school is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the Association members. All Christian families are welcome to apply for membership.

The NSW Education Authority has written in its Accreditation Report that, “Richmond Christian College has leadership with a commitment to a clear and realistic vision for the school’s future.”

Our current Board consists of Anika Strahan, Nellie McCarthy, Stuart Edwards, Jonathan Marquet and Pablo Nunez.


Richmond Christian College is part of the independent association Christian Education National. CEN is a community of around 20,000 students and their parents doing together what they can’t, and maybe shouldn’t, do alone. It is a community committed to demonstrating a vibrant biblical faith which permeates every aspect of learning, community life, policy, and practice in its associations and schools. 

Christian Education National members include remote rural schools, large metropolitan schools, multicampus schools, trade training centres and incorporated school systems.

CEN was established in 1966 and has constantly expanded and welcomed new members and now consists of schools and associations from every state and territory. 

CEN is a not for profit public company that is structured around a National Board and State Councils with a National Office providing administrative and managerial support. For more information on CEN, go to their website.

School hours

Monday to Friday                  8:50am — 2:55pm


Wednesday to Friday         8.50am to 2.55pm

Office hours

Monday to Friday                  8:30am — 3:30pm

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To assist parents in the nurture of their children,

By providing a Christ-centred, biblically grounded, academically rigorous and culturally relevant education that instils a sense of identity, purpose and hope in students that equips them to live for God’s glory.



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