Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained… But happy is he who keeps the law

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained… But happy is he who keeps the law

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Aug 17, 2022

Recently, at a recent event with some old colleagues I received a stark reminder of the importance of staying true to our vision and mission. Be it personally or as a Christian School, one of the most critical things we must do is keep the main thing the main thing, ensuring that everything we do falls into line with our vision and purpose so that our journey remains on track and full of hope.  

However, when I was reading the book to our students this week for Book Week (and what a wonderful celebration it was, thank you to everybody who came and got involved), “When the Waterhole Dries Up”, it struck me that there are many paths we can take to achieve our goals and often it doesn’t end up looking like what we thought it would. in the book, the young boy is getting ready for bath time only for it to be interrupted by a multitude of fun-loving creatures. The young boy ends up having his bath, but it is outside in a watering hole full of wonderful new friends, somewhat different to what he thought his bath would look like that day, and so much more fun! I was reminded that it isn’t as important how something looks at the end, but the journey we take to achieve the vision and the community we end with that is.

Currently, one of the focuses of RCC’s well-being for our students is resilience. Ash, our school psychologist, last week spoke to our staff about the importance of ‘yet’. The idea that as we work together towards building resilience in our students, and ourselves, it is critical that we continue to work in the yet. We must remind ourselves and our kids that difficulties, hard things, sad times, unsettled moments, are not permanent. All these times are a part of the journey as we grow to become the people God intended us to be, and we are not there, yet.

As I reflect on these lessons, the importance of continuing to hold our vision for providing foundations for identity and purpose in our students through a biblically-based, Christ-centred, academically rigorous and culturally relevant environment is clear. As we educate our kids in this vision and they follow in these ways, I believe they will develop foundations for happiness and deep hope that will establish them as people who contribute to the world like Jesus did: always paying attention to the people who mattered; always giving time to the things that matter most; always standing up for what they believe in no matter the cost; and always positively contributing to their world.

Book Week Parade was a great reminder of the people and the community that is so important to RCC, over the coming months, it is my prayer that we can continue to value and meet as our community, celebrating our village that raises our children and working together for God’s glory and their good.

So, the responsibility lies with us, as role models, educators and parents to not lose our passion or vision to raise our children in the way they should go. Whilst, all the while, remaining flexible and responsive to the extra friends and opportunities that come our way on the journey. This is the kind of happiness and fulfilment we seek for our children.



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