Principal’s Address to BCEA AGM

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Principal’s Address to BCEA AGM

Parents Hub Articles, Principal's Thoughts

May 31, 2022

The AGM of our association was held this week where I shared the following vision for RCC.  If you would like more information I would be happy to chat.

Many of you have seen our master plan, but for those who haven’t:

The grand plan is to enable us to bring Christ’s foundations to our students and families and community through enhancing our space so people can come. Specifically, we are excited about the long term vision:

  • A special school of hope for students with severe additional needs so we can provide Christian education for all facets of our community.
  • A middle school model that provides specific, intentional education for our student body who are going through the biggest change. It is a model that entwines the academic and the welfare so students know they are cared for and loved so well that even though they are hyper aware and hypersensitive they can still be courageous learners and take the risks associated with excellent growth and learning.
  • We will bring facilities that include (as of 20223/24) an expanded library and PreK space, an undercover, all weather indoor/outdoor and above sea level sporting facility, expanded office space for our school psychologist, and improved parking and traffic flow. All this so we can consolidate what we have and what we offer to our current families.
  • Once we have consolidated and feel we are providing for the ones we have then we can look into the longer term vision that includes facilities for dual stream such as specialist learning spaces for the arts and sciences, an indoor arts/sport complex that holds around 700 – 800 people, a focused community space, increased applied technology spaces and a much bigger student kitchen and even the café!

Exciting isn’t it. To sit and dream, what a blessing. However, if the last couple of years have taught us anything it is that nothing is guaranteed. Our Good Book clearly says, many are the plans of man’s heart but it is the Lord who orders their steps (Proverbs 16:9). So all these plans we hold loosely in the knowledge that as we seek Him, we will find him (Jeremiah 29:13, James 4:8) and as we find him and follow him he will order our steps.

So, the more exciting question is what is God’s master plan for us? What is His master plan for christian education? For this school, for RCC? For this school in Ballina? For this school across our community and nation?

Last week saw the very tragic death of another one of our young people and I must say it has been quite difficult to continue to process this loss and others like it in our world. It has brought home that no matter what we do out here, the external facilities, the classrooms, the plans, the Professional Development or refined pedagogy, the outside, it must be because of what we need to do in our heart, our students’, families’ and communities’ hearts, minds, purposes, hopes and dreams…

Whilst it is our strategic direction this year to bring growth irrespective of trial or interruption, so that our community; our students, parents, & staff grow more in their understanding of Jesus, themselves and their world, it is our long term plan to see a growth that leads to life based on how well they understand these concepts. A growth that helps students to understand that all truth is God’s truth so they should seek it until they know it. A growth that embraces the understanding that all students are valuable and deserve an education. A growth toward fulfilling their potential because they are made in God’s image. A growth that embraces their uniqueness, fosters their voices and talents, all so that they are heard and connected to each other but also so they deeply understand each and every one of them is purposefully designed to positively impact their world. 

Our students have the opportunity to experience the fullness of a biblically based, Christ centred community, so they can build foundations upon which they can not only withstand the storms of life: the trials and tests that James (1:2-4) and Peter (1 Peter 1:6-7) speak of in their letters or the loss, suffering and shame that Paul speaks of in his letter to the Romans (5:1-5) and the Philippians (3:7-9): but grow from them. Grow in character, perseverance and hope. 

Now more than ever, we need to be excited about building a place for our children, parents and community to come and see the grandeur of God at work so they can know truth and be set truly free.

The purpose for what we pray and believe is God’s plan for this place, is not so that we are more competitive with other places, though that is a benefit; it is not so we look good and attract people, though that is a benefit; it is not solely so that our kids experience the best to be the best, though it is a benefit; it is to create a place that gives our kids the best start that grows them up in the way they should go so when they are old they will not depart from it.

Get excited. Be passionate. We have the unique opportunity to spread the Word of our God into the world through its future; our students. To have an input into partnering with our families to create students who know what it is to be made for a purpose, to value what is right and true though it may not be popular, to be joyful in the pain, and to have hope when all seems lost. This is our master plan…

Good tiding.


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