Lest we Forget

28 April 2023

Lest We Forget… Thank you.

I must say that this time of year is always one that causes me to stop, reflect and be thankful. It may seem trivial to some, but that moment before the footy kicks off on ANZAC Day leaves me humbled and thankful, where 100,000 people at The G all stop, all silent, all to honour those who have gone before so that we can be here now. Goosebumps every time. It is a gratitude and reflection though that is all too often engulfed by our daily ‘tyranny of the urgent’.

We must stop. We must remember. We must say thank you.

To the Diggers who fought for our freedom. To our past, present and future service men and women who sacrifice for us. Also, to those less celebrated, those closer to us who constantly give of their time and energy so that we can grow and learn. To our leaders of state, of church, of our families. Thank you. Thank you for helping to protect and create a place where we are free to make the make the most of life’s opportunities. We must remember; we are blessed.

On Monday, during our staff development time, we took a ‘timeout’ from the urgent that blinds us to the blessings of the sacrifices that others have made so we can do what we do. During this timeout we reminded ourselves especially of the importance of keeping the main thing the main thing. Ultimately, RCC’s core purpose is to bring renewal through education to our students, families, staff and community.

CACE, a fellow Christian Education institution reminds us that for us to achieve this we must continue to encourage our students to create Beautiful Work:

In line with Ephesians 2:10, the goal of education is for students to learn to create beautiful work. Beautiful work takes time, and is revised and refined through a process of critique, honest feedback, and revision. We celebrate not just the final product, but the process to get there. Work is most beautiful when it has a real life application, thereby enabling students to engage with God’s redemptive work in the world. The opposite of beautiful work is an exclusive, driving focus on the “normative markers” of success in education, like cumulative grades and standardized test scores.

I thought this was a wonderful reminder of the importance not just of the final goal, but the significance of the bumps and humps along the way that create the final masterpiece that becomes their beautiful story.

It is a timely reminder that those who have gone before us have fought for our right to educate our kids in a way that empowers them to create beautiful work and stories, and what a privilege it is to be able to partner with them and you to achieve this.

Therefore, as a form of thankfulness, let’s celebrate some beautiful work.

Congratulations to the Stage 6 students who have finished their Preliminary courses for 2023, onward to HSC and more beautiful work! Congratulations to some of our athletes for their beautiful work. To Felicity who will compete at the national swimming titles, to Harry who will represent CSSA and compete at the State CIS U15 AFL trials, to Olivia, Shaylee, Leon and Matt who will represent CSSA and compete at the State CIS U15 Touch Football trials and to our students who are traveling to the State CSSA trials for Cross Country. Well done! Congratulations also to those students who contributed to a wonderful Easter Alive week as musicians, leaders, organisers and presenters. Beautiful work! Thank you.

Finally, I want to inform you that Brad Gilmore is taking the rest of this term off as long service leave. We pray Brad has a wonderfully blessed and refreshing time. He will be replaced by Mrs Bianca Henning. Bianca has a powerful story that includes many years in education, business and professional sport! We are very blessed and excited to have Bianca join the RCC team at this time.

Blessing for Term 2, 2023!


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