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Why Richmond?
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Our Mission


Richmond Christian College is a school characterised by Christian principles, academic excellence, cultural relevance and individual achievement.

Our key objective is to educate children in a nurturing environment where their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is at the forefront of their education.

The school fosters a learning culture that encourages children to be courageous, achieve their goals, think responsibly, embrace self worth, and have a clear understanding of who they are as individuals.

When a student graduates from Richmond Christian College, they are not only equipped with a first class education, they are also equipped with a set of values and life skills that will lay the foundation for a bright and purposeful future. 


At Richmond, we are passionate about Christ-centred, Bible-based education. We teach from a Christian worldview and enjoy our relationships with the local church.

A Caring Environment

Staff, students and famies enjoy participating in the caring community of Richmond Christian College. We see education as a partnership with parents and actively encourage parental involvement.

Holistic Individualised Learning

At Richmond, we aim to educate the whole child- equipping them academically, physically, spiritually and mentally. We use current research and reflective teaching, together with formative benchmarking to create learning programs for the individual child.

Excellent Facilities

At Richmond, we are blessed with excellent facilities and resources. We engage students through a wide-range of learning resources to meet desired outcomes. Why not book a tour so that you can see for yourself?


What Parents are Saying

Best school in the region! Committed, relational staff team, great community and the best atmosphere.”

Pablo Nunez

Absolutely love this school and the staff!

Joelene O'Donnell

“So happy with this school, my kids have never been so confident and full of life!”

Laurel Trainor

Why not book a tour to discover Richmond for yourself?

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