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Welcome back!

What a wonderful start we have had.

It is wonderful to see our community gather again after what I pray was a restorative and refreshing Christmas and New Year.

It is very exciting to welcome so many new families to our community. Thank you to our current families for the way you have so openly welcomed our new families.

Thank you also for your encouragement and words of appreciation this week. We have received overwhelming support and gratitude. It is an honour to partner with you as we embark on another year of educating your children.

VUCA. Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. This is the way McCrindle, one of Australia’s leading data research and analysis companies, described the world we are living in. A VUCA world. I must admit, I find it hard to disagree.

Previous to 2020 we were living in a world that was full of rapid change. COVID and the other events of 2020 only accelerated this. Subsequently, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have become defining characteristics of not only our world, but our children’s future.

However, I do not believe this has to be the way we live.

During the commencement service this week I shared with the students our passion to see them, in the midst of all of this, still be able to enjoy each moment and our desire, as their teachers, to help them do this. The purpose of any journey is not found in the destination, but in the steps to reach it.

As more experienced humans though, we understand that though our desire may be to ‘carpe diem’, all too often life happens and the cares of this world very quickly drown out our ability to focus on what counts most: faith, family and friends. It was apparent that many of our students understood this too.  

McCrindle state that in their latest research 70% of people reported to be worried about their future in 2020 and the rate of anxiety and depression is increasing significantly.

In Mark 4, Jesus likens the development of our life and our faith to a sower who sowed good seed in the field. He states that all too often, even though the seeds may grow, they can be strangled by weeds that grow and the good seed cannot grow as it should.

Jesus very clearly labels the weeds the cares of the world that so often distract us from the things that matter most. His solution to these problems is found in Matthew 6 where he tells those gathered that they must not worry about what they will eat or what they will wear because when we focus on him and continue to be in relationship with him, he will take care of us. Hence the people, we, are faced with a choice.

The way we choose to believe and engage with God, our family and friends provides a platform upon which we do not need to be troubled nor have to worry (John 14:1 and Matthew 6:25). Whilst we are undeniably immersed in VUCA, I believe that God offers us and our children a solution amidst these difficult times, yet very unprecedented times. A solution that gives us access to peace, certainty, simplicity and stability amidst the VUCA.

This year we are very excited to partner with you in an education that is distinctively different. An education that provides holistic opportunities that seek to establish foundations that enable our students to navigate, contribute to and thrive in this world amidst all its VUCA. An education that gives hope, purpose and identity.

I pray that this year brings you peace, certainty, simplicity and stability that leads to flourishing.

Good Tidings!



This year we are allowed to welcome volunteers back into our school.

If anyone is interested in assisting with classroom learning activities such as reading, please either contact your child’s teacher or the school office to express your interest.

We are also looking for some people to volunteer their time in the library. This will include covering books and organising the book club. A very big thank you goes to Jane Sheehan who has done this so faithfully for many years but is no longer with the school. If you are interested please contact the school office.

Please note that all volunteers who work with children require a current Working With Children Check.

A little help for a friend…

At the beginning of the week, one of our year 12 students came to me with a request. Whilst it is not something we usually do; I would like to make an exception this time.

Kayley Martorana has asked if we would be willing to share a Go Fund Me page for Luca Amery, a local Ballina boy who has been recently diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. As such his family have had to relocate to be able to be with and provide for Luca.

In a desire to contribute, Kayley was wondering if anyone in the RCC community was able to help the family. If you would like to donate to Luca and his family, please click on this link to read more:

Please know there is no pressure nor obligation for you to contribute.

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