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In June I was blessed to be able to travel to Kenya with a group of 18 other people. My husband David has coordinated these trips for several years. The purpose of the trips is to work alongside bible translators, (Wycliffe Bible Translators, known as BTL in Kenya) and provide medical clinics for people groups that are in the process of having a book of the Bible translated into their language. The medical clinics are set up in the village which is often remote, sometimes very poor and always with many people needing medical attention. Our team consisted of medical professionals, pharmacists and people like myself who worked in triage and crowd control. There is always a large crowd, (200-300 people) who gather each day to see the medical team.

I love Africa and find that I can never completely separate, some of my heart always stays, especially with the people of Kenya and Tanzania. This trip to Kenya was no different. It was amazing and I expect to be able to share some of my experiences at an assembly this term.

When people ask me how it was I find it hard to answer. It is complex, but visiting a developing country and experiencing a different culture is always multi layered.

The money raised for the mosquito nets was well used and as in previous trips, were a treasured and sort after gift. The job of distributing them went to the nurses who gave them predominantly to families with young children. We will never know how many lives our students saved by donating their money on MUFTI Day.

Women proudly display their gift of a mosquito net.

A mother and child with a mosquito net. The nets are very large and can cover a whole family.

Another of my special memories is visiting two schools on the east coast to hand out Days for Girls kits. These kits provide personal care for the girls so that they can continue to attend school rather than staying home during menstruation.

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