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Learning Support at Richmond Christian College purposefully facilitates our goal to ensure each student’s success in their learning journey. The Learning Support Program extends gifted and talented students and provides students with learning difficulties and special needs the opportunity and support to continue to progress in their learning by providing individual and group opportunities, within and outside of the classroom.

Whilst every teacher at RCC ensures that their learning activities, assessments and environment are differentiated to meet individual student’s learning needs, we have a specific Learning Support Program for our students who will benefit from more specific, targeted instruction. 

The primary school program focuses on providing identified students the opportunity to receive additional instruction with Learning Support Officers both within, and outside of the classroom. The program makes use of a variety of instructional programs designed to enhance a student’s understanding of foundational literacy and numeracy.

Whilst these opportunities continue into our secondary school, the program expands to include Excellence classes. These programs are designed to extend students who show exceptional aptitude in a variety of intelligences. Excellence classes afford invited students the opportunities to gain wisdom by practicing and applying their knowledge in a service-learning context which creates opportunities of authentic contribution to community.

Should you have any enquires about this program or other opportunities at RCC please do not hesitate to contact our School Office.

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