An essential principle vital for emerging leaders is to know who you are leading and where, however it is not always possible to know who you are leading as often our influence stretches beyond our knowledge. Hence, I believe that there are two significant types of leadership: deliberate and accidental.

Deliberate leadership occurs when a person chooses to lead a certain group of people, for certain reasons, in certain directions with certain goals. This is the classic concept of leadership, school captains, members of parliament, conductors etc… Accidental leadership occurs when others follow a person of inspiration for them, but the person is unaware of their following, such a popular musician’s groupies or elite athlete’s fans…

In both cases, the essential elements for a successful leader is to know:

  1. What they believe
  2. What they want to achieve (and why!)
  3. Who they are leading (and where!)

This way no matter who is watching they are leading them into paths that they will be happy to be accountable for. When you see leadership traits in your child, it is great to help equip them with an understanding and realisation of the three points above.

At Richmond, we aim to teach your children from a Biblical worldview. We work hard to prepare your child to be kingdom-builders, standing up for their beliefs, defending them when needed and caring for the people God places around them. At Richmond, our Student Representative Council formally develops these skills in students identified by their school community as having leadership abilities. We also take students to attend various conferences and events and provide in-class opportunities for students to exercise their leadership abilities. We pray for each child individually, that God may grow them to be the people he would have them be. May we see Richmond graduates serving God and making a difference in their local, national and global communities now and in the years to come!

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