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 Hello family,

We held our annual AGM this week and it is always so inspiring and humbling to be reminded of everything God has enabled us to do and to have.  As I did on Wednesday night, I want to thank the members of our association, our Board members, our volunteers and our parent community, for all their service, support and help that enables us to stay true to our vision of providing the wonderful, nurturing Christian education that we do.

It also challenges me to see if we can create opportunities where we can inspire and enable other communities to be able to do the same. In one of Jesus’ parables, when he is talking about people being good stewards of what God has given them, he finishes with the very confronting notion that from those whom God gives a lot, a lot will be required (Luke 12:48).

At RCC we have been given so much, and in the light of our responsibility to God and our students we are going to try something different. A new initiative I would like to introduce to you today is ‘Tools for Schools’.


You may or may not be aware, but we are one step away from fully opening our Tech Shed – we just need to fill it with tools! A key vision for RCC is to educate in a way that creates a community of contributors, rather than consumers. We believe this is key to enjoying life and learning. Hence our ambitious goal for our Tools for Schools campaign is to not only enlist your help to equip RCC with what it needs, but to pass on this blessing to those who have less. We would like to help Lighthouse Christian Academy, Zimbabwe achieve the funds necessary to get their school building better equipped to learn in!

Lighthouse Christian Academy is part of a bigger charity group in Zimbabwe, Our Neighbours Ministry, run by one of our parent’s brothers. They run orphanages, work ministries and food programs for the poor and needy amongst many other things. They need our help to give their school building some walls, a ceiling, even some trusses!

How will it work?

A list of tools required for RCC’s tech shed to be fully functional by Term 3 is attached. You can purchase a tool, a set of tools or just give. You can donate to just RCC, just LCA, or, if you want to contribute to both you can also do that. Coming soon will be an internet link that you will be able to click on to donate, however until then please donate and record the details via the School Office. I would love to see our families, churches and local businesses, where they can, get on board and support us.

Once we have fully kitted out our shed, the equivalent funds will be sent to Lighthouse School to equip their building! Blessing us and helping us be a blessing to others through what we have been given is that simple!

If you have any more questions, ideas or know people who may be able to help us with this please let us know or direct them to our website.

Good tidings!


Lighthouse Christian Academy:

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