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I’m Jonno Simmons

There is no denying that the lives we lead today are exciting stories that form part of a bigger story that we all contribute to in some way or another. I believe that our stories, our experiences, mould us to become the unique valuable people that we are. Our stories, no doubt, are also influenced by the multitude of stories that go on around us every day. These stories shape the way we view our world, and also how our world views us.

The story that I am excited to bring to Richmond Christian College consists of northern NSW heritage, growing up on the banks of the Clarence and in the shadows of Mt Lindsay. I love family and believe it is vital in creating identity and dreams; I have 3 boys and a beautiful wife of 16 years and many say I ‘suffer’ middle child syndrome – which I know is real! My educational views are heavily biased by my story as a principal’s son. I also bring with me a lot of Up Up Cronulla, a bunch of love your mum and lots of fish-on! However, my entire story is drowned in knowing that there is a God who loves me and died for me.

“What makes people distinctive is what they love and desire.”

James K. A Smith

I am so excited to now have my story intertwine with the challenging, exciting and nurturing past, present and future stories of Richmond Christian College’s story. As our stories collide it is my desire to see a school continue to grow from these moments and glorify our God fully. I am excited about how our academic story will feed into the future discoveries that will change our nation, and how our sporting stories will inspire those in our community to be better. I am excited to see how our artist’s stories will inspire joy and bring hope to the lost. I am excited to see how our combined story, made up of our every day practices, our liturgies, will glorify God so that every member of our community knows what love truly is and can freely live their story out of this love.

Canadian philosopher, James K.A Smith believes that what we envision as the good life or flourishing determines our unique life story.  He states that “What makes people distinctive is what they love and desire.” (Desiring the Kingdom, 2009, p. 26) I believe, therefore, that for education to play a pivotal role in successfully developing a child’s unique story it must provide a series of practices that inspire visions of, and promote, the True good life that it seeks to form in the student.

I eagerly anticipate the limitless possibilities for Richmond Christian College as our stories collide and encourage you to join us in our story, on your journey, to become a light of hope and purpose in our community, lifting up Jesus who will draw his people into his story of His redeeming love and the freedom it brings.



Principal’s Reflections

RCC Celebration Speech 2021

RCC Celebration Speech 2021

What do you do when it all gets too hard? Do you start yelling at mum or dad? Do you fight with your brother or sister? Maybe you start to hit stuff or maybe you go quietly to your room and sit there, a little tear falling from the corner of your eye as you wait for...

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Enjoy the Process

Enjoy the Process

After watching Felipe Toledo, Word Surfing League’s number 3 in the world, win his final play-off under extreme pressure I heard him interviewed and asked how he managed to stay calm and produce such a high scoring wave to win. His response was simple and yet...

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Where your treasure is, there your heart is also…

Where your treasure is, there your heart is also…

How did you react to the announcement that we're going to be in lockdown until Saturday, 28 August, at least! For me, I have found the second week a lot harder than the first this time round. It almost feels a little bit heavier, slower, more formidable. A cheerful...

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