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School fees are a vital source of income for our school. They play an important role in providing resources and programmes within the school curriculum. Without these fees our school could not operate. It is therefore imperative, for the financial well-being of our school, that fees are paid promptly.

 School fees are invoiced annually at the commencement of each year and are payable in full 30 days from the invoice date unless a payment plan is established with the Finance Officer.

A discount, set by the Board, applies to full year’s tuition fees paid in advance as per the fee schedule (currently 5%).

Alternatively, a payment plan must be established by Term 1 Week 4 for weekly or fortnightly payments via Direct Debit or Centrepay with all fees paid by the end of Term 4.  This may be extended to the end of the calendar year by arrangement with the Finance Officer.

Any parent/guardian who is experiencing financial difficulty is encouraged to make an appointment with the Finance Officer or Principal to discuss the situation, so a suitable arrangement can be made. Any matter discussed will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns regarding school fees.

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