Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end….Closing Time, by Semisonic

Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end….Closing Time, by Semisonic

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10 November 2023

Ah, the deep and profound philosophical truths that came to us through the grunge-rock scene of the late 90s. Where would we be without it! It goes hand in hand with Greek philosopher, Heraclitus’s idea that ‘change is the only constant in life’.

Whilst both statements profoundly speak of the inevitability of change, at the same time they hint toward the life and hope that can come with these moments. Why is it then, that we often spend our time trying to avoid the end of something or resist change?

Speak to Year 6 graduates right now as one part of their schooling journey ends and the next begins, question parents on the endless change of their teens, or look deep into the nervous eyes of the HSC graduates as it dawns on them that they are moving from no responsibility to all of it and I think you will get similar responses. All of their answers will express an overwhelm of emotions encompassing both hope to trepidation in the face of their endings and new beginnings.

We know our kids must go through this though; change and growth and endings and beginnings are inevitable. Experience also tells us that it is most often in these times that we grow most and develop foundations that help us to flourish.

So rather than seek to avoid or delay, the better response must prepare our students to embrace the hope and potential that is embedded in the constancy of change?

As yet another year draws to a close and change looms large for many in many different ways, we must take the time to be very intentional about how we approach change. We must continue to intentionally build foundations and frameworks through our modelling of approaches and educational opportunities that provide students, no matter their age, with the capacity to navigate the constantly changing landscapes.

The Bible suggests that the hope our students get from knowing who they are in Christ is like an anchor for their souls (Hebrews 6:19) providing them with a stability to approach whatever storm life throws their way. It also encourages them to hold fast to the word of life so that they can shine their light into the world (Philippians 2:15).

Continually pointing our students back to foundations of identity and purpose that reach far beyond their immediate world allows them to navigate life from a secure place they know as the one thing that will not change, namely, who God has made them to be and how He loves them and will never leave them (Matthew 28:20) on their journey.

I pray that, as a community, we take every opportunity, in and out of classrooms or the home, to point our students to God’s truths. That we enable our kids to make the most of each new beginning and end; to change direction or stay the course so they can see clearly and navigate change in a way that brings life and hope to themselves and those around them.



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