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After watching Felipe Toledo, Word Surfing League’s number 3 in the world, win his final play-off under extreme pressure I heard him interviewed and asked how he managed to stay calm and produce such a high scoring wave to win. His response was simple and yet profoundly difficult at the same time.

Toledo stated that he just focussed on enjoying the process. He enjoyed paddling around in the water, waiting for the waves, the ocean, even the competition. He just wanted to enjoy each moment for what it was worth. Then, when the opportunity came, he wanted to enjoy the process of surfing the wave, without worrying about anything else.

His advice is so true for us now, especially during so much uncertainty.

When giving his most famous sermon, The Sermon on The Mount, Jesus echoed similar words of encouragement to those who were also facing pressure or difficulty. Jesus encouraged people to not worry about the future or material needs, but rather be more concerned with the things of God and the moments of today, for today is enough (Matthew 6:25-34).

Such advice brings peace in a time where it is difficult to know what is right and wrong, who to listen to and what information is valid. Focusing on the simple processes of knowing God, sharing God and loving one another, brings perspective and peace to the urgent confusion.

Similarly, successful education is much more than a grade or an outcome. It is the process of developing the whole child through experiences that establish foundations of love and truth which enable students to enjoy the processes of life, no matter how hard. This way they can have a positive impact on their world.

For this reason, I am so grateful for the staff of RCC who are instrumental in achieving this end. I am so thankful for our parents who passionately work alongside us to provide for our children. I am blessed by the way our students continue to contribute to a culture others desire to be a part of; feeling safe and valued, challenged and excited.

To this end, it is with an excited, yet heavy heart that I wish to inform you that Vanessa Miller, our Head of Primary, has decided to step down from her role of Head of Primary at RCC. Mrs Miller has been instrumental in propelling RCC into its current state where staff and students alike are excited to grow and learn, where they feel safe and valued and where they can truly mature into the person God has handcrafted them to be. Mrs Miller has instilled a clear passion for all things education, from its formal quest for light and truth to its joyous, chaotic and quirky rigour. For this reason, she leaves the primary school on an exciting precipice that looks to a future of building children founded on identity, purpose and hope.

It is our hope that Mrs Miller’s journey with RCC will continue in other capacities, but for now it is important we bless her here, there or anywhere. We encourage her to continue in her work of loving others and sharing the good news of Christ in everything that she does. As it is with our students, our higher purpose for Christian education is bigger than this moment, or this school. We desire to instil a biblical foundation of identity, purpose and hope that leads to successful contributors in our world. So, with Mrs Miller, we look beyond our school and seek the same for her, encouraging her to take this opportunity to do all that God is calling her to do.

Praying that you have a very blessed school holiday and can enjoy the gift of each day and the process within.

Good tidings…


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