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I am continually proud of our RCC students.

Walking around the school this week I observed our Year 6 class, all leaders in their own right, working with their peer support group. I loved it. Our Primary leaders were genuinely caring for each person in their group, Kindy through to Year 5, connecting with them and understanding the world a little more through other‘s eyes. It was nice to see the younger students’ chests puff out a little, confident little smiles emerge as they realised that the ‘bigger kids’ were making space in their world for them.

A similar pattern emerged in the Year 7’s reflections on their peer support experience with the Year 11 leaders. Though the Year 7s were older and more wise than the 6s, it was clear they also felt more valued, capable and confident because of their developing relationships with the 11s.

Finally, we had a moment at school this week where one of our high school girls stepped in and helped one of our primary girls who was having a difficult morning. To see the little girl look up, smile and walk confidently through the school gates because of her new found friend was brilliant.

Once again, the simple truths in our world are often spoken the loudest by our children. Such instances in our school do occur all the time, we are blessed.

This week though, amidst the constant change and isolation, it has made me pause and reflect on the blessing of those around us who are a source of peace, comfort and joy; those who enable us to thrive,  or just survive each step toward the unknown, the unpredictable and necessary undesirable.

Of course, the dilemma comes when we get older and are too busy, or have too many responsibilities, or it is not in our job description, or we have to prioritise. All valid reasons why we can’t act like children and be there to help out. Right? Our children will understand when they are older…


Jesus says to his disciples that for those who choose to believe in Him they will have the metaphorical rivers of live that come from God flowing through them (John 7). God promises that what you need from life and for life He will give to us like running water so that we can let these blessings flow on to others.

God’s love and grace and kindness and compassion and patience are not just for us, they are for us to then share with others so that others can see God in action through us.

What better time than now to be making sure we do not dam up the blessings of God inside, but like the students at our school, in spite of trial HSC exams and Year 6 peer pressure or just seizing the moment in the morning on your way to something else, realise that maybe we can take a moment to think of others and help.

RCC’s distinctive, to raise contributors and not consumers, needs to be led by us, their teachers and parents. We have to take the time to allow God’s blessing to flow through us to others. We have to stop and help. We have to stop and understand. We have to stop and give. People need to know they are not in it alone.

At RCC we miss the gathering of our community. We miss our family get togethers, our coffee and chats, our spontaneous pick up and drop off conversations. Please know we are still here to help however we can. Please continue to speak with us and let us know how we can help.

Good Tidings,


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