In case you haven’t seen in the shops- Easter is quickly approaching. How do you celebrate Easter as a family? Are there any traditions you enjoy? In the past few years, shops have started releasing products to decorate the home in the lead-up to Easter in a similar way to Christmas. Some families have Easter egg hunts, others may celebrate with a Passover meal (the Jewish celebratory meal Jesus had before he died), still others may spend time camping. Over the Easter weekend, the majority of our staff will celebrate Jesus through heading to church, celebrating the greatest gift of hope and love in Jesus.

One tradition our Secondary Co-ordinator, David Cobb does with his young family is to work through ‘Resurrection Eggs’ in the lead-up to Easter.  Resurrection Eggs are a set of 12 Coloured Plastic Eggs that accompany the Easter Story. Each night in the 12 nights before Easter Sunday, David gathers with his family and reads a set part of the Easter story to them. One of his children then open the corresponding coloured egg, with a symbol inside.

“Using symbols is a great way to share the Easter story with our young kids. It makes it accessible and helps them remember the key elements of the greatest story they will ever hear.” Mr. Cobb says.

Resurrection Eggs are just one way you can celebrate the gift of life in Jesus that we remember at Easter. They are available from Koorong or could be ordered through Harvest LIFE Books and Music in Ballina.

Around Ballina, there are also a number of ways to celebrate. Churches in the area are holding Easter services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On Easter Saturday, 31st March from 10am-2pm, Summerland House Farm will also have a Free Easter Egg Hunt (Children under 12 need to be supervised.) However you celebrate this year, may you pause to remember Easter is more than the bunny or chocolate eggs, it is about our God enacting his greatest rescue plan, offering us life and forgiveness at the foot of the cross.

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