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When I shared the metaphor at the start of the year about the RCC community going on an unexpected adventure; learning, laughing and loving together, I don’t think I quite realised what this would actually look like…

I would like to take a moment in this week’s reflections to celebrate a member of our community and introduce a new one to you:

Last Friday was Garry Binks’ last day with Richmond Christian College. The new role of Business Manager was not one that was feasible for RCC to continue with at this time. The school will be deferring to an outsourcing model for this role. Since the beginning of my time at Richmond Christian College Garry has been a mentor to many and a pillar of the RCC community. The way he has tirelessly invested his time, love and vision is an inspiration to many and I want to remember this and celebrate it with our community. The staff will be holding a small celebration for Garry, yet for those of you in our wider community who would like to offer messages of thanks and praise please send these to admin@richmond.nsw.edu.au and we will be sure to pass them on to Garry and Meg. We pray God’s richest blessings on Garry and his family into the future. Thank you Garry, for all you have done.

In another transition I also want to take the time to celebrate the role David Cobb has played in our community over the last five years. David has been a source of strength and wisdom in his various roles at RCC, including as Head of Secondary. Earlier this year when Dave told me he was applying to become Ballina Baptist Church part-time pastor I was both excited and dismayed. My excitement that the whole of Ballina now gets to experience and revel in Dave’s passionate devotion to the Lord, evident in his desire to preach the Good News to all, reminds me that this is God’s plan for Dave, Emily, Imogen, Gideon and Esther and overrules any dismay that may be left. Dave will remain at RCC as a part time teacher and we pray God’s richest blessing on him and his family in this transition time.

Another element that helps dispel any lingering sadness with Dave’s decision is the lady we have to replace him. I would like to welcome Elise Janes to the role of Head of Secondary at RCC! Elise has been working casually with Richmond over the last two years and we are so excited to have Elise come on board in this capacity. Elise brings with her an amazing vision and passion for excellence in Christian Education and experience in a variety of fields and subjects that we are looking forward to seeing have a significant, positive impact on our secondary school. I pray for Elise, and her husband, Brad, that God’s faithfulness, passion, vision and peace will surround and inspire Elise as she joins RCC in this new role.

As Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, ventures out of the safety of the shire into an unknown world what I have always found inspiring is that despite the fear he clearly feels and the darkness that surrounds the path he will take, his excitement for the future adventure overrules all else. The challenge for me, perhaps for all of us, as we go through our own unexpected adventures is to not only be excited when we can see, or when we know, what is coming our way, this is the easy part. No, the true challenge I have found, especially this term, is to be faithfully excited knowing that God, our provider, is with us – always. In this we can face the unexpected journey truly excited being ‘sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see’ (Hebrews 11:1).

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