What is Pre-Kindy?

Richmond Christian College’s Pre-Kindy is an educational program for children aged 4 years. Our aim is to prepare children for their first year of school through a learning program designed to jump start them in their reading and effective literacy. Our Christian values and beliefs inform every decision we make in the way we care for and teach your child. Our goal is to assist children in becoming confident, responsible individuals who have a strong sense of self worth and who understand what it is to have integrity, perseverance and tolerance. All children are taught the value of serving others both at school, at home and in the community

The Curriculum

Pre-Kindy will provide a curriculum-based program aligned with the NSW Board of Studies syllabus through play-based activities.The objectives will be to allow smooth integration into our K-6 Literacy and Numeracy program with outcomes modelled on current worldwide research.

Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework

Within the nationally accredited framework, there are three concepts that characterise children’s lives: Belonging, Being and Becoming. We believe a child—from even before birth—is linked to God, family, community, church family, culture and place. Through these relationships, a child’s development and learning takes place.


Priority will be given to siblings and then other students who are interviewed.


Children will be required to wear the Richmond Christian College uniform, which is available from The School Locker in the Harvey Norman Centre, Boeing Avenue, Ballina.


Fees will be charged as per fee schedule. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required at enrolment, to be deducted from Kindergarten first term’s fees

Parent Testimonials

 Rod & Katie Mallam

“This year is the first year we enrolled one of our children in the Pre-Kindy program offered at RCC. We are impressed at the skills she has developed and how well this has prepared her for an extremely smooth transition into her schooling years. “

Alison Brown

“The Pre-Kindy program provides a seamless transition into the school community and ensures that as the children begin Kindergarten they are all at a common level of understanding of basic literacy and numeracy, this enables the whole class to thrive as they begin their formal learning together.”

Megan & Ty Dawson

“The teachers have always been very encouraging, patient, easy to talk to and really get to know each child individually, which has bought out the very best in our daughter.”

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